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As an Integrative Therapist I use a range of approaches to tailor the therapy to each individual client. I principally draw on:

Embodied Relational Psychotherapy: We use the therapeutic relationship to experience directly, deeply, and bodily, how our past trauma plays out in current patterns. We use this real, embodied relationship to create healing  in the here and now, whether spoken or beyond words. This enables us to transform our own processes, as well as how we relate with others, and find emotional freedom. 

Pscyhodynamic Psychotherapy: Looking at how past experiences and relationships unconsciously influence current behaviour and feelings enables us to become conscious and to discover new ways of living and being in the present. This includes exploring the ways in which we internalise and recreate our earliest relationships, to better understand ourselves and to create new behaviours and patterns. A supportive therapeutic relationship is integral to this. This is particularly helpful for working with issues rooted in childhood.

Attachment Based Psychotherapy: Exploring how our relationship to significant others in our lives influences our growth and emotional development enables us to understand our ‘internal working models’. These are the patterns established from birth and our earliest relationships with our caregivers that determine how we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves. Through a supportive relationship with the therapist, we are able to create new, more helpful structures to re-establish our way of being with others and with ourselves.

In line with Humanistic Principles, I recognise, value and work with the whole of you, in your fullness, in the belief that each person contains within them the potential for growth and transformation, which I facilitate by creating a nurturing, supportive therapeutic environment.

I also use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness techniques and exercises, to actively address and change behaviours and patterns that do not help you, alongside our deep exploratory work. 

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